What A Tourist Can Do In Topeka Kansas

Will you be traveling into the state of Kansas this year? You might want to stop by Topeka. It is a location that you should consider visiting for a few days, or even a week, if you simply want to get away. The amount of activities that you do will depend on how long you were there. There are quite a few places that a tourist can go in order to have fun. This is where you should go once you have arrived in Topeka, a beautiful city in the state of Kansas.

Lake Shawnee And The State Capitol

Two of the first places you should go will include Lake Shawnee which is a beautiful area. It’s perfect for walking with your significant other, or even taking the kids, if you have a lot of spare time. You can then head into town and see the capitol building. It is a beautiful landmark, one that is very well designed and built.

Gage Park And The Combat Air Museum

Another place that you can go is called Gage Park. It is a location that you should visit during the spring or summer. This is a well-known location because of all of the flowers that you will see blooming during this time of the year. If you would like to learn a bit about times of war, you can head over to the Combat Air Museum. You can see quite a few attractions and learn about the military and its role in the Topeka area.

There are other locations that you can visit that will provide you with quite a bit of entertainment. You can head over to the First Presbyterian Church in Topeka. If you are not religious, and you brought your kids with you, you can go to Going Bonkers which is a wonderful playground that your kids will enjoy. There are many other options to consider when you get to the city. It is a destination that you may want to return to in the following years. You can find out more about this wonderful place by going to their state website. You should consider visiting Topeka during the spring time if possible.

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