Just Wait Until You See The Next Two Featured Restaurants In Topeka KS

Just how many Topeka, Kansas restaurants have we stopped by virtually at this point? It is quite a few for sure, and here are two more that might steal the show. Remember, there are close to 300 restaurants, and it is always fun getting to know a little about a place before you show up. There will still be much more that blows your mind, but at least you know the establishment has been vetted by reviews.

Saigon is a unique name for a restaurant, mainly because of the feelings I think most Americans would have associated with the word. Saigon is located on West 29th Street, and you’re talking about Vietnamese cuisine. General’s Chicken is one of the favorites according to the reviews, as is the Pho Soup. I’m not even sure if there is a restaurant where I live that serves Vietnamese food, so that is a good pick for a good meal.

How do you like visiting unique pizza places? Via’s Pizzeria is one of those places in Topeka, Kansas. It is a family friendly restaurant in SW Gage Boulevard, and one reviewer says that it’s the best in town. In fact, the reviewer mentions that he or she has been to each one sampling pizza and has deemed Via’s Pizzeria the best. They do serve up a mean deep dish, too, as it is also mentioned in the reviews.

A pizza restaurant and a restaurant that serves Vietnamese cuisine are what you have been presented with this time. Sometimes it just depends on what sounds good at the time. Maybe you’re in Topeka, and as you look up restaurants, you see this and realize that one of them is just around the corner. Now wouldn’t that be something, but of course you can visit either one of these top restaurants in Topeka, Kansas at anytime.

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