3 Amazing Tourist Attractions In Topeka, Kansas

Topeka is the capital of Kansas. It is also one of the best cities in America and tourists love it here. If you plan on taking a trip to the city, then make sure you visit these three attractions.

1. Gage Park- This park is one of the largest parks in the city. It sits on over 150 acres and it has been around since 1899, so it is a very old park. Some of the things you can do while there is visit the Topeka Zoo, ride a miniature train or roam around the rose garden. Those are only a handful of activities you can do at Gage Park.

2. Kansas Museum Of History- This is the state history museum and you can learn a lot about Kansas while there. The exhibits sits on 30,000 square feet, so expect to spend a few hours here. You’ll have the chance to view many objects, such as a tipi, train, a diner from the 50s and many other objects. If you want to learn about the history of Kansas, then this is the place to go.

3. Topeka Zoo- As previously mentioned, this zoo is located in Gage Park and it is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the city. The zoo houses many animals, including lions, alligators, bears and even bugs to name just a few. This zoo is a great place for all ages, but make sure you arrive early because it can become very busy throughout the day.

Topeka is home to the Topeka Zoo, Kansas Museum of History and Gage Park. Make sure you pay a visit to all of those attractions the next time you’re in the city. After you do that, make sure you take the time to explore all the other wonderful attractions throughout the city.

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